In its 170 years of existence, our site has known all the various stages in industry: opening of the site by Mr. Dupont in 1845, the boom throughout the 19th century and the start of the 20th, merging, modernisation, outsourcing and, finally, relocation in 2012.

Mirroring the various market phases, our history is a source of experience allowing us to propose a mature and stable model today. Our strategy is an ethical and pragmatic one, based on flexibility and the strength of our values. Our everyday aim is to reconcile these seemingly contradictory aspects.

A few key dates:
• 1845: Alphonse DUPONT founded his ToothBrush Factory in Beauvais.
• 1932: Having merged with the company J. DUPONT, La Brosserie d’Alphonse DUPONT became LA BROSSE ET DUPONT.
• 1966: Modernisation of the industrial facilities with robotics and microprocessors.
• 2005: Takeover of the business by DuoPole.
• 2012: Creation of La Brosserie Française on December 1st further to the takeover of DuoPole, in financial difficulty, by Messrs BOUGLE, REMOISSONNET and VOISIN.