Made in France – Controlled and quality production

Founded in 1845 par Mr. Dupont, our site has succeeded in evolving and adapting to the market and techniques throughout its history.

At the beginning of the industrial revolution, in the middle of the 19th century, our factory grew up on the banks of the Thérain in order to use the hydraulic power of this tributary of the river Oise. At the peak of its activity, the factory employed as many as 450 people.

Production is now managed entirely on our site that employs a staff of 30. We have full control over the traceability of the materials used and we have also developed a partner type relationship with our suppliers and customers thanks to our proximity.

Expertise – Knowledge and creativity

We wanted to turn our years of experience into a guarantee of expertise, with a constant view to ensuring quality products. Both at production machine level and with respect to our team’s skills, our 170 years of existence have allowed us to develop the very best tools.

Our knowledge of the market enables us to make the most of our specificities: our aim is that expertise be at the service of our creativity so as to develop personalised and exclusive solutions for our customers.

Adaptability - Attentiveness, proposals and guida

Each customer has his/her own needs: our knowledge of the brushware industry allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your range and to propose the product that is missing from your specific segment.

We adapt our multi-disciplinary tools to your project to find the optimum industrial application. At each stage of the project, you will find expert consultants guaranteeing a solution that perfectly fits your needs. We consider that our suppliers and customers are partners with whom we move forward to give concrete shape to projects.

Sustainable development – For responsible industry

As regards both the human factor, with training programmes for our team, and the environment, our aim is to combine industrial production with an ethical consumption model. We select our raw materials according to their origin, giving priority to proximity and clean sectors. Our products have been awarded the Ecocert as well as the Origine France Garantie (Guaranteed Made in France) label. Our factory is powered by renewable hydraulic energy, applies a waste sorting policy, and complies with the EnVol approach. Because it is vital to act and to find concrete solutions, ethics are a core issue of our work.